5 Fragen zur Digitalisierung der Baubranche an Marek Sacha, CEO of XOM Materials

“Almost any company in any industry needs to turn to digital to remain competitive. The impact on the construction industry will be substantial.”

Im Interview mit dem Vernetzt Digital Experten Prof. Dr. Jens Böcker erzählt Marek Sacha, CEO von XOM Materials, wie Bauunternehmen durch die zunehmende Digitalisierung, beschleunigt durch die Coronakrise, profitieren können.


Vernetzt Digital: What is currently the biggest challenge for the construction industry? 

Marek Sacha: Fortunately for the construction industry, there seems to be a limited impact of Coronavirus crisis rather than for example in automotive sector. Overall, construction companies are handling the crisis quite well. Yet, many will benefit from further digitalization. 

Vernetzt Digital: How will the corona crisis influence the digitization within the construction industry? 

Marek Sacha: In the materials sector in general we see an increase in e-commerce activities since the beginning of the corona crisis. This trend will only continue, as both suppliers and buyers need to increase efficiency and limit travel and personal contact. All in all, the corona crisis is accelerating the digitalization. 

Vernetzt Digital: How will the cooperation with your partners and suppliers change? 

Marek Sacha: The current offline processes will go online – anything from a quote pricing, to purchase orders and invoices. The process will be faster, more efficient, and simple to manage. This will make the cooperation easier especially in times of crisis.   

Vernetzt Digital: What requirements will suppliers have to meet in future to be part of your network? 

Marek Sacha: Our clients do not need any special IT know-how – we offer a service that will connect to their current IT landscape as is. The companies will save development cost and can turn digital very fast. This applies to our XOM eProcurement and XOM eShop offerings as well as marketplace. 

Vernetzt Digital: What are the long-term benefits of digitisation for players in the construction industry (5 years)? 

Marek Sacha: Almost any company in any industry needs to turn to digital to remain competitive. The impact on the construction industry will be substantial. Construction companies will be able to reduce the construction timeline due to new technologies like sensors to precisely measure the concrete hardening and starting next floors earlier; or logistical software to have just in time delivery for the construction sites in the space sensitive urban areas. We at XOM aspire to change the procurement and material delivery to be 100% digital resulting in cheaper material, delivered exactly on time. 


Über Marek Sacha
Der frühere McKinsey Berater kommt 2018 als CEO zu XOM Materials. Zuvor war er Mitgründer und CEO von Cera Care, der britischen Plattform fürs Gesundheitswesen. Ebenfalls war er Mitgründer und CEO der tschechische Plattform Rohlik.cz. 2016 wurde Marek Sacha in die „Forbes 30 unter 30 Liste“ aufgenommen. Cera Care wurde als Healthcare Start-up des Jahres 2016 ausgezeichnet.


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